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    Set in the Dotonbori district of Osaka, this new experience in live entertainment combines food and star power!
    Packed with stunning highlights like world-class projection mapping!

    This show was brings the magic of Dotonbori to travellers from around the world.
    With regular performances, this long-running show welcomes visitors from Japan and abroad to get their fill of all the food and live entertainment that Dotonbori has to offer!

    The cast of characters includes Takoyaki No Suke, inspired by traditional Japanese kabuki theater; Miss Crêpe, a musical revue heroine; Ramen Drummer, a master of percussive arts; Fugu Saburou, a shamisen player; and the mysterious and elegant Kushikatsu Baron. Each food-themed character is portrayed by top-notch entertainers to bring this enchanting stage show to life.
    Plus, every performance uses world-class projection mapping!

    The name "Gotta" comes from the Japanese hodgepodge stew "gotta-ni." Dotonbori is famous for its "eat-till-you-drop" culture, and just like the stew, this show captures the blend of ingredients and culture that makes Dotonbori such a deliciously delightful destination.

    Written and directed by Sawako Kitabayashi.
    Brought to you as part of "made in Osaka Creative Content.


  • Dotonbori presents Food Musical Gotta
    Promotion Movie

    Dotonbori presents Food Musical Gotta
    Promotion Movie Digest Edition

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    Once upon a time, a monster Yoku (greed) appeared, full of all kinds of human desires grown huge and out of control.
    Yoku sowed suspicion and jealousy into people’s minds until finally a war broke out. One man succeeded in burying the monster in the ground, and sealed it in with the help of the food spirits. He drew water in and made it into a canal. Later playhouses sprouted up along the river, and eateries stood there side by side. Peace was restored. This is said to be the origin of Dotonbori.
    Later, the food spirits built their own unique world called GOTTA. When food from overseas began making appearances, a clash of food between new and old happened, triggered by a romantic affair between Takoyakinojo and Miss Crepe. The dispute between different food types spurred desires in the souls of people, leading to a great deal of conflict in the world of humans, until Yoku was awakened from its slumber in the ooze at the bottom of Dotonbori River. The members of GOTTA left their own conflicts behind, and joined forces to combat the dreaded Yoku which was devouring everything in its path.
    What will become of them?

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    The cast of characters are named after Doutonbori's signature foods. The lineup of entertainers consists of: Takoyaki Nosuke, who has a traditional Japanese performance art motif; Miss Crepe, a French revue heroine; the master percussionist, Ramen Drummer; Fugu Saburo, a shamisen player; and finally the mysterious gentleman, Baron Kushikatsu.
    A global hodgepodge, Gotta-ni Paradise!

  • たこ焼き乃丞
    The star of the show. As fiery hot as takoyaki, he puts his heart into acting. However, his brief encounter with Ms. Crepe has knocked the stuffing out of him.
    Miss Crepe
    The star of the revue troupe. She wins over the hearts and minds of audiences with her delightful voice, sweet as whipped cream. She also has temperament – she is not afraid of revealing her line dance-kicking skill in order to protect her main squeeze.
    Baron Kushikatsu
    A wandering gentleman who came here with jazz. He was travelling the world while etching the earth with sounds of his footsteps. He decided to settle at Dotonbori GOTTA permanently when he was blessed with his beloved offspring, Fried Shrimp.
    Ramen Drummer
    He is capable of ever-changing appearances at Dotonbori GOTTA with a spicy beat. The strong personality tasted in the soup, which belies his nice-guy smile, may come from 4000 years of Chinese history.
    Fugu-zaburo the Blowfish
    A shamisen player rapidly attracting female fans with his breathtaking plectrum manipulation and good looks. He is a man of few words with an eccentric personality. He puffs out his cheeks in anger.
  • 演出

    Writer and director Sawako Kitabayashi has been praised as one of the few dramatists and directors capable of adapting Japanese traditional arts for the modern age in a fresh, new way.
    Her dynamic productions cross boundaries to include dramas, musicals, revues, and more. She has lent her talent to site-specific shows like "Da Da Da Dan Tenko," a unique taiko drum performance, "Miyako Odori," an ode to springtime in Kyoto, as well as shows at the Osaka Shochikuza Theatre, Minami-za, Shin Kabuki-za, and more.
    Her current stage show, "Gotta," makes use of world-class projection mapping and unique audience participation elements to create a completely new theatrical experience.


  • プロジェクションマッピング

    Projection-mapped Staging


    Audience Participation

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